Here is the place to compose, preview, and hone your fine words. If you are building this site, maybe edit this page to customize this wee bit of text.

After you've filled in the sections below, you must save first and preview once before your writing goes into the system as a draft. After that, continue to edit, save, and preview as much as needed. Remember to click "Publish Now" when you are ready for your work to be published, even just to see what it looks like. YOU MUST include your email address in the relevant box, as this is the only way you will be able to make changes later. You will be emailed a link that will allow you to make changes, even after your poem has been "published," and it will keep sending a link every time you edit your poem so that you can access the most recent version.
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Your title should be the title of the poem (ex. "British Brennus")

Write "Edited by" and then your name, or your and your partner's name if you're collaborating.

Use the editing area below the toolbar to paste your poem and curation below. Leave a space between the Poem and Curation. For the POEM font, use the "Paragraph" option (right below the "Add Media" button). For the CURATION TITLE, use Heading 3. Underneath the title, write "by [whoever wrote the curation]" in Heading 5. The CURATION INTRODUCTION should be in "Paragraph." The TEXT OR IMAGE TITLE (ex. "Henry James, The Turn of the Screw"), should be in Heading 4. If you are including a selection from a longer text, put "From [Author, Title of text]". Use "Paragraph" for the text itself (aka your material from the Bible, or a 17th c. book, or whatever). If your Curation uses an image, click "Add Media" to upload your image. Click and drag the icon in the lower right to resize the editing space.

See details on the formatting tools in the editing tool tips.

Here's where you cite the text or image you included in your creation. See a Pulter Project Curation for how to do this. Italicize all book titles. Here's an example: Pliny the Elder, The Historie of the World, trans. Philemon Holland, vol. 1 (London: Adam Islip, 1601), 16.33, p. 479, with spelling and punctuation modernized by Aylin Malcolm.

thumbnail image to represent featured one for this item

Choose an eye-catching and high quality image that will appear on the home page and above your edition. For open-access images, go to this link: You may wish to click the tab "Openly Available Image Collections." My favorite is Unsplash, where you can search for subject matter. Download the image you want and then upload it to this section. Copy any credit information from the photo to use below.

Drag file or click to select file to upload

Provide full credit / attribution for the header image. On Unsplash, you can click a "Copy" button after you download the image and past the info right into this box.

Check as many that apply.

Add any descriptive tags for your writing. Separate multiple ones with commas. You should turn to The Pulter Project for ideas of what tags to use (ex. "animals," "politics"), but you may also invent your own. Once others' editions have been published, scroll to the bottom of the home page and see all the tags you've generated as a class. Go back to this box and add any tags you think could also apply to your poem, so that a reader can search for multiple poems by their tags.

YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL HERE so that you can receive a special link that will allow you to edit your poem and curation again in the future. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

This information will *not* be published with your work, it is only to sent to the editor of Into the Pulterverse.

Save your first draft, then preview.
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