Into the Pulterverse

The Flying Fish (Emblem 25)

Edited by: Chloe Huntzinger & Kolbe Schendl

The Turtle and his Paramore

Edited by Joanne Kenton

Bishop and Rats

Anneliese Latona

Vast Leviathan

Matthew Cook, Jesse Rabner

The Elephant (Emblem 19)

Edited by Julia Redlinger

Ugly Sow (Emblem 30)

Edited by Kaitlyn McGarrry & Andre Dorado

This Soul, that Bird, and Fish (Emblem 35)

Edited by Alayna Korona

An Old Man, a Stripling, and an Ass (Emblem 54)

Edited by Cole Davis

Vain Herostratus (Emblem 28)

Edited by Mercedes Derenne and Lanna Jenkins

The Lion and the Ass (Emblem 32)

Edited by Desean Connors

British Brennus (Emblem 51)

Edited by John Goodpasture

Mark but Those Hogs (Emblem 34)

Edited by Sam Chandler

Raccoons (Emblem 21)

Edited by Alex Segal and Hannah Bachus

This Huge Leviathan

Edited by Patrick Ochoa

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